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Line breaking in Lists in Interfaces

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7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect
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It would be lovely if data types like multi select lists would take advantage of Extra Tall row height by breaking the list of selected items over multiple lines.

Even for single select items, I can't think of a reason that text inside shouldn't also break when necessary.

The attached screenshot shows why i would like this feature. The 'Services' column is an example of a multi-select that could be broken up to take up the vertical space (there are three items, they should all be visible) and the 'Severity of Customer Impact' is an example of a single select field where I think the text could be broken while retaining the lozenge effect around it.

This would allow me to make better use of space and include more data in the list and I think it would also look nicer.

Thanks for your consideration. I'm loving the direction of Airtable these days.