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Make copying individual document attachments BETWEEN FIELDS easier

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10 - Mercury
10 - Mercury

Can you please make copying an image from one field to another one easier. Right now I have to download that image from one field and upload again to another one.

(I only need to do it for selected image (among several in the field) and I only do this sometimes (when I attached on mobile device to wrong field)

The quick and dirty work-around is in the browser interface to right click on the image and get the URL (non-shareable) and then use the URL-upload window in the other field to upload the image.

The work-around works OK but the issue is, the URL I get from the previous step is a link to a reduced size version of the image. The link doesn’t give me the full resolution image.

I understand sometimes people like to be able copy the link to the reduced size image but most of the time when I copy the link this way I do it to move images between fields. If I want to share the image, then I’ll get shareable link of the image or I just send link to the record to somebody.

So again, when you clink on any image the link is “.attachmentThumbnails” link and not the full resolution link.

By copy pasting this link between fields, I am loosing high resolution.