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Make it easy to add multiple linked records to a cell

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

It would be great to have a native solution to this problem.

Let’s say I used the SendGrid block to email all Users in a certain grid view.
Now I want to document that the email was sent out to them in a separate Emails table.
Currently I have to manually add each emailed user to a linked Users field.

Instead, it would be great to have a method of automatically adding multiple linked records to that linked cell.

Here are two approaches to this:

1. Add a new paste option

If someone has a linked cell selected:


And then pastes a few records, I should get the option to add them to that cell (as long as they include a valid primary field that matches existing records).


For what it’s worth, all you need to do for this to work is replace newlines with commas

2. Bulk add everyone from a given view

Similar to how SendGrid can automatically send emails to everyone in a filtered view, allow the addition of multiple records at once.


Right now, adding 20 people to a sent email is really complicated and frustrating.

Either of these approaches (or many others you might come up with) would solve that.