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Modify Record Template Overwrite Settings

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast
Status: New Ideas

According to the feature documentation for Record Templates, there is a default behavior by field type when applying a template to an existing record, as follows:

  • Empty non-array type fields are filled according to the template's configuration
  • Array-type fields are always appended to and deduplicated
  • Non-empty, non-array type fields are ignored
  • Computed field types cannot be directly modified by templates

I suggest allowing these behaviors to be modified per template, through a similar screen as relative date settings can be. As an example, Single Select fields fall in the 'non-empty, non-array' category, but I often need to change one of these fields (e.g. Status) along with other changes to the target record. Assuming the categories must stay the same, the following options would be very helpful:

  • Empty, Non-Array: Ignore or Overwrite
  • Array: Ignore, Overwrite or Append
  • Non-Empty, Non-Array: Ignore or Overwrite