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Private or User Views and Reverting to Sticky Public Views

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

The use of views is obviously a crucial and powerful aspect to airtable but it can very quickly get bloated, especially when a base is being shared amongst a team.

My first thought is to have “private views” or “user view”, which I think reflects airtable’s goal of creating a tool that allows users to define their own tool. Within a certain table I may want to save multiple views that are really only relevant to what I want to see, and there’s no need to a) clutter up the views list for everybody and b) allow anyone else to see or edit these views.

This would also solve some of the requests regarding granular permissions for views.

For the public views, I still think it would be great to have a way to save the settings of a view so multiple people can use the view without changing it. For instance, if there is a view that just shows all the records, if somebody on the team starts filtering things, and doesn’t remove the filters, the next person who selects that view will see all the filters. On our team, we’ve been making different views for each user, both so our personal selections don’t effect others, and so we can look and edit the same data at the same time without affecting other users views. However, it would be great to be able to “revert” to a set saved state for a specific view. I find we don’t treat each view as a static state, but a starting off point.

I know some of these issues have been discussed on the forum, but I think these types of solutions, “user views” and “revert” could solve a lot of the problems we’ve been having.

Another level of organization for the views would be to have sub-folders for views. Just something else to think about!

7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

If it were up to me, I’d treat Views completely differently than AirTable currently does. I’d start with every saved View being visible ONLY to the user who creates it. Then, I’d create a mechanism for sharing views with other collaborators (individually, or by role/group), and for making them “public” (visible to all users). Either way, I’d make the view editable only by the creator.

9 - Sun
9 - Sun

I’d also suggest a “Master Data” view as outlined here: Completely Hide Fields

There needs to be an experience split between a simple/elegant presentation of the minimum number fields to “consumer” users (in our case, Designers) and a more complex, and yeah maybe ugliler, view for “admins”.

User-views, as suggested by Dan above and refined by everyone else here, would also address this, provided operational formula fields can be entirely hidden from “consumer” users/views.