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Provide option to disable the public access to the Description of the View for publicly shared links

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10 - Mercury
10 - Mercury

Airtable team: Please provide an option to DISABLE the public access to the DESCRIPTION of the VIEW for public shared links to views.

This is a security issue. I didn’t notice this was publicly exposed. I had confidential notes in the description and didn’t know this was all exposed.

At least there should be a way to disable that. There is a small “i” icon that many people who receive the shared view don’t even notice. I didn’t notice that either. While I see the benefit of having it there, we need an option to disable that.

Now I have to remove the decription from there and leave it blank but that defeats the purpose because it was description for me.

See picture of what I mean:


… Here would be a perfect spot for a the switch to disable it if needed: