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Record locking/permissions

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7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect
Status: New Ideas

What is the proposed idea/solution?

Not really 'row locking' in the database sense of dealing with simultaneous access, but rather the ability to mark a record as immutable or set certain permissions for it. Additionally -- and critically -- the ability to trigger this function through Automations.

How does it solve the user problems?

Enhance control over data integrity by preventing accidental modifications once a record is 'complete'; Streamline certain workflows by marking task completion; Ensure that only the right people are able to edit a record at certain points in its lifecycle, with changes to the permissions triggered by Automation, and; enable customization of data access on a per-record basis.

How was this validated?

User feedback expressing the desire for greater control over record modifications (which can sometimes be addressed at the Interface level with the 'Current User' option in filters, but it's not appropriate in every case and only applies to that one interface) and to prevent modifications to complete records while still being able to read the ticket in all of the normal ways (no easy way to do that from what I can tell.)

Who is the target audience?

Teams & Organizations managing complex workflows; Data Managers responsible for maintaining data integrity, and; Consultants & Agencies setting up systems on Airtable for their clients. This addition would bolster control over data modifications.