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Show photo icon to upload photos from form

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator
Status: New Ideas
Within a base, when a user adds a new record from mobile, they have an option with an attachment field of taking a photo with their device (camera icon), selecting a photo from their device (landscape icon), or three dots to upload a file.  To take or add a photo, it's one click.

On an interface, when users are adding a record through a form, they don't have this option - attachment field shows a down-arrow icon with "Drop files here or browse".  They then have to do

  • one click on that button, then
  • a click on the 3 lines menu, then
  • click on Take photo, then
  • click on "Click to record audio, video, or pick file", then
  • "Photo Library" or "Take Photo or Video"

That's 5 clicks (taps on mobile).  I've already contacted Airtable directly about this, in November, and they said they don't have a timeline for improving this. Maybe a few votes here would help?