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Some minor changes/feature suggestions

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Here’s some feature suggestions/changes I’ve been writing down and thought I’d share it here:
- Right click cell > Filter view by selected value
- Check multiple records > Right click > Pin selected records to the top in shared view
- Retain rich text formatting in formulas (or just detect links to make them clickable)
- Customize lookup field color
- Show detailed cover view in linked record list (this instead of this)
- Click lookup field record to open it in shared view
- Filter/sort/group/etc via URL query parameters -similar to form prefills- so non-contributors can share variations of the same shared view link
- Allow using formula/URL’s image as a cover
- Allow using formula for button field label

[Page Designer app]
- Make links (in URL fields, buttons, long text, formula, etc.) clickable
[Search app]
- Allow specifying default view to hide fields, filter and sort results
- Move results cover to the left side
- Search using similar or fuzzy spellings -like in the Dedupe app- in case no exact results were found
[Graph app]
- Custom colors for rating fields (1 star: red; 5 star: green, etc. so rating is obvious when grouping by rating)