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Timeline view needs more timescales added

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast
Status: New Ideas
What is the proposed idea/solution?

Add additional timescales to the timeline views - particularly at the small end of the scale, for planning day-to-day tasks and single day events. Currently the smallest timescale is one day split into hours. We need 12 hour and ideally 6 hour timescales too, split into smaller chunks (ideally 5 min, but would be okay with 15).


How does is solve the user problems?

Currently the timeline view is clunky and difficult when planning items with only an hour or two duration, and the view doesn't provide enough room for details to be written into the box. Adding smaller timescales would fix this problem with minimal additional work for the development team and a huge increase in usability at the smaller timescales.


How was this validated?

Common sense and regular user frustration.


Who is the target audience?

Anyone with a need to plan items/tasks/events over a smaller time scale using the timeline view.

10 - Mercury
10 - Mercury

I can see how this could be useful when mapping out scheduled automations or meeting times at < 1 hour intervals. For 12 and 6 hours, you might prefer the 1 hour scale with the # of hours and/or time included in the label. 

5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Absolutely! We regularly use it for planning speakers and workshops etc at single-day events, or tasks and meetings throughout the day, and for anything that's not right on the hour it's not very user friendly. To schedule something at a quarter past the hour we have to open the record and type it in. Decreasing the scale would allow the drag n drops to be more sensitive/accurate 🙂