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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

I logged in on Monday (6/5) and all of our business's data and workspaces that were housed in AirTable are gone. I have not received a response back after submitting a message (ref#00569708) - the main admin operations are at a halt as the only thing that appears is a notice that says "Sorry, the page you were looking for was not found." (image attached). I saw there were interruptions listed earlier today (6/7), but it shows those were resolved and I'm still receiving the error / no data is showing. Hoping this can be addressed and recovered as soon as possible.  

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Yikes, that's the stuff of nightmares. I'm assuming this was eventually resolved?

Stuff of nightmares for sure. Unfortunately, what we came to realize is we had worked with an outside consultant (not affiliated with AirTable) and didn’t realize our account had been set up under theirs. They apparently didn’t either, or didn’t pay attention / check and deleted the workspaces. I was on vacation so didn’t catch it before the 7 days were up to recover so….we rebuild. And choose future consultants VERY carefully.