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How to sort a field via formula or scripting?

Hi, I would like to ask if this is possible. So we have an airtable view that contains all the schools in the Dallas metro area. Under Dallas, there are 58 schools. But we want to get the top 20 schools base on their School score. Is there a way to g...

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Advanced contact form

hello, I have a small but may complicated issue. I have a data table, that lists several items to view over a website. the form for the table works well to populate the fields and add items. what is needed is another "contact form" that a visitor can...

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Connect Snowflake to Airtable

Hey Airtable community! Wanted to share this project that has helped us make Airtable a more effective tool for a bunch of companies. Bracket just released a Snowflake connector. If your company & product relies on Snowflake to house all data, but yo...

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Pro for collaborator?

Hello,  If I take the Pro plan and choose to limit editing &permissions for collaborators do they als need a Pro plan to input/change their data?They should'nt be able to adjust eachtohers data. Thanks

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Use SWITCH to add a country flag in a record summary

A formula field can be used to SWITCH a country name to it's corresponding flag emoji (full formula below)This can be handy to add a visual cue to a country and works nicely when added in record summaries like below/This formula will include your fla...

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Formula - create annual reminder for birthdays and anniversaries

If you're looking for a formula field that translates an employee's start date or birthdate into the current year (for notifications or action items), here's a formula that does that for you.Requirements:Add a date field called DOB (You can change th...

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Custom sharing link for form?

Hello, Is there a way to make a custom share link for my airtable form? The default one is quite convoluted, consisting of a string of random letters and numbers. Too hard to remember for my end users. D 

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Turn Airtable into your smart CRM

Hi everyone!Around two weeks ago I released an Airtable extension that helps you save emails to Airtable. A lot of you were so kind to have tried it out and gave me many valuable feedback, thank you!I started working on snippets and blocks that can b...

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Solving Airtable's Lookup issues

I've been using Airtable for a while now, and while it's a fantastic platform for managing and organizing data, I've noticed that the lookup functionality can be quite limited at times. Specifically, I've experienced issues with having to create mult...

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How to Use "Emoji" for Base Icons

The way airtable works with base titles is by default it will take the first few letters of your title and use this as the base icon if you haven't selected one of their native icons. In this case it will use the emoji instead if it is the first item...

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New Integration for AirTable and Marketing Campaign Ops Teams

Figured I would share this new capability with the community here. The team at Stack Moxie just release this cool integration with AirTable that lets you test your marketing campaigns right from an AirTable sheet so you can launch the campaign knowin...

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Let me solve your biggest Airtable challenge

Hi Friends of Airtable! I'm experimenting with a new free format, in which I live solve your Airtable challenges on my Youtube channel. You can submit your challenge and email via the following link and I'll record the first episode very soon: Submit...

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