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AirTable Link

In our Facebook group, we provide a list of restaurants that close in the off-season along with their locations and closing dates. We're in the process of updating the list with the restaurants' re-opening dates. We used to go through the onerous tas...

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See what Make scenarios are in a base

TLDR: keeping track of automations that live outside airtable is hard. I made a chrome extension that tells you what Make scenarios are connected to the base you are in.Hey all- I’ve been doing consulting work on airtable since I left back in October...

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ISO Validation Techniques - Suspect Trolls in my Survey Data!

Dear Community:I'm currently running a communitys survey with a giftcard drawing. I've noticed some suspicious responses come in (emails with formats NAMENAME #####), non-standard/nonsensical answers to fillable responses. Some are also in other lang...

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HBA by 4 - Data Explorer | All-in-One Project Management Tool [Beta]

TASKFORGE.ORGA multipurpose all-in-one solution for content creators and teams and dev teams to effectively plan their strategies and sprints.A small brief on what is TaskforgeTaskForge is an all-in-one project management tool that helps teams stream...

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Remove unused select field options easily!

This extension will help you find unused select dropdown data (from either single select or multiple select fields) and delete them!Base with extension installedTo use it, install the "Script Extension" and paste the code below into it, and a video o...

Remove unused select field options.gif Install.gif
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Practical Vega-lite

I use Airtable for budgeting, because I'm that guy who finds a few little things that I don't like about every piece of software I use, and would rather be in control of how something as important as my budgeting system works... even if it means work...

CleanShot 2023-02-01 at 11.43.41.png
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proof of income

I am trying to rent an apartment and the landlord is asking for Bank Statements. But I get paid in cash? What can I do to get proof of income?

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Issue Tracker - Project Management powered by Airtable.

A simple and minimalist base to help small businesses and teams track issues and squash bugs. Get the template now on Server: - Get Help on Di...

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I would NOT use Airtable for that - "video editing" edition

Hi there,Probably many of you experience this situation when after getting good grasp of Airtable, you end up using it progressively for ... everything.  Even when people tell you there are better tools, you should use instead.BackgroundThere is a gr...

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Resolved! I need help regarding edit history.

Hi,Hope you are all doing well.I need a little help. I have a simple single select column which have different tags and can be updated time to time. I want to calculate the edit history of each tag in other column and wanted to know how many days req...

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Schedule daily tweets with Airtable

Hi everyoneAs a little weekend project I made a simple tweet scheduler with Airtable. It allows to post tweets once daily at a time you specify. You can set the number of times you want each tweet to post, or allow to repeat indefinitely. Turn on/off...

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A simple clocking in and out interface

Hi everyoneHere's a simple base with an interface that can be used for employees/visitors to clock in and out of a location: The interface could be on display on tablet from which people select their name an...

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The Record Picker appears to be automated for Link Fields

This may be a little tricky to describe, and I'm a little excited after discovering this feature, so I'll do my best! My post is about the Interface Record Picker element, but the Airtable Help doesn't discuss this functionality.Today, whilst I was c...

Karlstens_0-1672984837412.png Karlstens_1-1672984942786.png Karlstens_2-1672984997600.png Karlstens_3-1672985055799.png
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