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17 - Neptune
17 - Neptune

... it's because I'm walking away.

I have honestly and with open-mindedness tried to use the new "community" in a productive and supportive manner, but it's just not working for me. There's something about this new Khoros platform that makes it difficult to engage and produce responses at a quick pace with smartly formatted information.

The hallmark of a great community is pervasive and free-flowing conversation, but to have that, it needs to eliminate composition friction. This is not the case in the new and improved Airtable community. Rapidly responding to questions requires a lot of effort. Pasting images used to be a breeze. Rapidly composing with your silent but powerful Markdown friend was a pleasure.

Composition simplicity is achieved through a minimalistic design. Khoros tries to be cool and hip at the expense of function and flow. Discourse has studied the art of simplistic content composition. Why Airtable rejected it, is a mystery.

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I needed 5 clicks to click like on your post...

Then, you might enjoy this.

Ahah, I thought about doing it a few days ago, did you create it? I'll join.

I did not create it; far too swamped with work to do that, but some of the long-time favourite contributors of the Airtable community decided to remedy the mess that Khorus has left us with while at the same time, giving all things "tables" a place to genuinely discuss ideas without the influence of any specific vendors. By all accounts, it looks like they knocked it out of the park - like when Coca-Cola brought back Coke Classic.

So since taking note of just how problematic Khoros has been as a community platform with the Airtable community - Now I realise how other communities that I frequent are also using the same platform, with same/similar buggy issues. Considering that both the likes of Microsoft and Autodesk employ Khoros, and now Airtable, it boggles my mind how it's shipped with all the issues that it's brought to the Airtable community.

What?? It was really looking like this thing was deployed first time ever. They could not process emoji  properly on the first day. Don't tell me Emojis not allowed at Microsoft 🤣