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8 - Airtable Astronomer
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Due to the change in the tools being used as a community forum, I cannot edit my posts anymore.Is there a solution for this?
I have the following phone number +33661291700, do you know a formula that converts it to a US phone number? (e.g: (415) 555-2671) Thank you
I have a field that contains either a single date, or a list of dates separated by comma. 2022-08-21 2023-05-01, 2023-06-01 I want to create two formulas: One that extracts the first date and compare it to anotherOne that extracts the second date an...
I have the following value 2022-06-01, 2022-12-05 and I need a formula that checks whether: 2022-06-01 is after TODAY() or 2022-12-05 is after TODAY() How can I do that? Doing that with a single date (e.g: 2022-06-01) is easy, but how can I handle ...
:bomb: Airtable is dropping public url support for attachment in an upcoming update that will take place in Nov 2022. This basically mean all urls to all attachments uploaded prior to that date will cease to work, and all attachments public leads ...