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At the moment, if I add a field to a table, it automatically appears in any forms I have created for that table. This is very annoying! Once I have created a form, I don’t expect to have to keep checking it to make sure it still looks the way I want ...
This feature was already requested 3 months ago but it was never answered except by other people saying how important it is! So I’m doing it again. Please please let us use views on linked fields, not just tables. The capacity for corrupting the data...
It is possible to circumvent the restriction of not allowing multiple records by adding records in the linked table. For example, Table1 has a list of addresses. Table2 has a list of people, with a field Address that links to Table1. It is set to not...
At the moment the form only allows input of new data. Can we have a form for editing existing records? At the moment we can only edit in the table meaning I can’t present the records the way I want. Can’t even hide columns on mobile, meaning the user...
It would be good if a function similar to DLOOKUP in VBA could be available. I’d like to pull data from another table, but can’t if it’s not linked. As an example - I have a series of events at which people can hire things. They pay for a number of h...