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I wish Airtable Regular expressions followed some common flavours so we could test it with regex101.comI can make it work in these builders, but then when it comes back to Airtble #ERRROR. It's a huge potential but otherwise Airtable makes it hard to...
I’m trying to extract variable but similar strings of text. They all start with “PARVOVIRUS” and end with “=”. When I build this on it works fine. I can extract it multiple times from a long list: Expression: (?>PARVOVIRUS).*?(?=1) Howev...
Hi Everyone. I 'm having trouble with an Automation (Scheduled Time, Find Records, Create Records) that will find all the records in a group (e.g. Group is “Week 36”), copy those records and create them into the next week’s Group. This in theory is s...
Hi there, I have have a roll-up field that gives a load of values as CSV. Great. Turns out they are naturally in chronological order - Great again. They are all variable values with sometimes variable decimal points too. So I want to extract the last...
Google vision API can handle PDF, But Airtable Block for Google Vision from some reason cannot? C’mon Airtable. Stop giving us watered down access.