4 Column If / Then Formula Help Please

I have 3 columns that have data, and for any given record, only 1 of those columns will have data. I’d like a 4th column to populate the data that’s in whichever of the 3 columns has data.

Column A = Blank, Column B = Blank, Column C = ABC, then Column D = ABC
Column A = XYZ, Column B = Blank, Column C = Blank, then Column D = XYZ
Column A = Blank, Column B = MNO, Column C = Blank, then Column D = MNO

I cannot for the life of me figure out an IF/AND or a nested IF statement(s) that will make this work.

Is this at all possible?

Here’s a snipit of my table where I’d like Interaction ID to handle what Column D in my previous explanation would have.

I appreciate any insight. Thank you!

Hi Cole. I haven’t tried what I’m about to suggest, but I see no reason it shouldn’t work.

Let your formula be…

{[Pre-App] Interaction ID}&{[Partials] Interaction ID}&{[Apps] Interaction ID}

Let us know if that works.


Why is it sometimes we just feel we have to overcomplicate it? Oh man, this worked perfectly! Thank you so much, @augmented

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