About the Custom Apps category

This category is for developers to discuss building custom apps and connect with each other. If you’re looking to get access to the developer platform in order to build custom apps, fill out this form. and you’ll be granted immediate access. And Apps are the new Blocks! Read more about our announcement here.

Share what you’re building, and learn more about what other people are building! You’ll occasionally see Airtable developers hanging out here to provide support.

How long does it take to get accepted after submitting the beta program form ?

Hi! We send out invites daily (sometimes more often), so it should take less than 24 hours to get access.

I have got it thanks!

Would it be possible to build a mobile app or something similar? I’m guessing PWA is the closest, right? Thanks!

Blocks don’t work in the mobile app (you can’t see them), and using Airtable in a mobile browser is not an experience worth pursuing – so I’d say no, right now neither mobile apps nor PWA’s are viable use cases for custom blocks.

Custom blocks seem to be really meant for desktop use within the browser or native Airtable app.