Add thumbnail images to linked records in embedded card view


I love how the expanded view shows an attachment thumbnail (and the first two or three fields) for any linked records. Could we get the same for the embedded card view, which right now just shows the name of the linked record?

I’m envisioning using this for a photo directory, where a group/household entry would link to the records of the individual members, showing a thumbnail image of each inside the embedded card view.


This is currently by design, but we realize it can be sub-optimal.

Here’s the rationale for the current behavior: If someone bublishes a view, they may not necessarily intend to also publish data in a different linked table. In other words, it could be construed as a privacy flaw to expose data in a view besides the one which was explicitly published.

We realize this privacy concern may be an edge case though, so it’s something we’re thinking about. Thank you for the feedback!


Thanks…that rationale makes sense.


@Emmett_Nicholas, thanks for the explanation. I ran into this today and thought it was maybe an oversight or bug since it seems odd to have the shared view be different in content than the edit view.

Could this be addressable by allowing the full detail view if the linked tables is also published? I suppose it’d be more work to insure that tables are intended to be shared to the same audience but them being shared to different groups seems to be more of a corner case.

Having this ability would be a big help in letting viewers not only see everything that is intended but also better navigate through the content for groups of cross-linked items.


@Clayton_Farr We plan on adding the ability to share entire bases very soon (in addition to sharing just views). Would that work for your use case?


Hi Emmett - Allowing the sharing of an entire base sounds perfect for this need, provided you can also navigate between tables for linked records; similar to the admin view. Thanks.