Age years & months from 'date of birth'


Hi all,

I’ve got a column for ‘date of birth’.
I’m looking for a formula that will input their age in months and years. (At the moment, it will only let me do one of these)

DATETIME_DIFF(TODAY(), {D of B}, ‘years’)

I then plan to add an IF statement along the line of (if months = 11 show an alert) so I remember to send a card.

Thank you for any help


@Sam_Gray I think you can solve this by adding another field with the name “Months”.
B-Day table

The formula in that field would be:
DATETIME_DIFF(TODAY(),{Date of Birth},‘months’)-Years*12

So, you substract the sum of Years * 12 from the total amount of months that is calculated by the formula.

Then, in the last field you add a formula to promt a message as soon as the value “11” is reached:
IF(Months=11,“:balloon:SEND A CARD”,BLANK())

Just try!
Regards, André