Automate email digests with 3 new features 🚀

maybe try a long text field instead of a single line?

cool feature! thank you so much!

Yes. This was a feature (custom sorting) I was about to send an email to support as well before coming across this post. The other was custom grid sizing for certain columns. :crossed_fingers:t3: Thank you for your post, Jason! :+1:t3:


I love this feature, but I am struggling to figure out how the Grid or List is determining the order of the content.

When I select the fields I want them in an order that makes sense, but I can’t figure out how to reorder the columns to present the data the right way.

i.e. I want Meeting Date, Notes, ToDo but it is only rendering as Todo, Notes, Date


We use this to send customer feedback as a weekly digest to the team

The problem is the text field with the comments in gets truncated in webmail and on mobile so you don’t get the full comment.

In outlook it reads fine.

Is there a way of me solving this - or is it an issue that needs resolving ?

This may be the equivalent to other people’s issues.


is there a way to change the width of the html grid when it’s send by email. The current outcome is squished together and some columns are hard to read.

Thank you.

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Unfortunately, there is not. I checked this weekend with Airtable.

This is a great feature - thanks, Airtable! I would like to add my agreement with others’ comments that when using the grid option it would be awesome to be able to:

  • Edit the selected fields after the initial creation
  • Specify the column order
  • Specify row sort parameters
  • Group records (I tried the workaround suggested upthread, but the results were awkwardly formatted)

I know this isn’t how it’s currently engineered, but in some cases, what I really want is to have an existing table view (with its filters, sorting, and grouping) rendered in the body of the email. Obviously, I could just put the view link in the email, but it would be amazing to have the view there already, without the need to click through (which some people won’t do). Something to consider?

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Oh, and one more thing - I’ve been asked to create a monthly digest, which I think is not currently available. This would be a nice added option!

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Adam from Airtable here!

Our friends at product and engineering were able to push out a feature enhancement that allows folks to find records based on a view in your base. Additionally, in later action steps in your automation where there is an option to render the found records as a list or grid you can add an optional link back to the particular view where the listed records are coming from.

More details in our announcement here.


2nd Bump here, really need to mark records as ‘Sent in Digest’ but can’t Find Records and Update them, I get an error with multiple record IDs.

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Also waiting for this one!

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The “Render as HTML grid” is awesome! I’m not too sure however, if I’ve missed a step - because my emailed grid has the columns out of order. In all the views, taking your example, I have Channel - Status - Name, but when it renders to the grid my resulting email has the columns in a different order and I have no idea what controls this… I’m reading up further support articles, but would appreciate any pointers if anyone has time to comment.

EDIT: Ahh, here we go;

Is there a way to order the HTML grid or list?

Currently, the order that the list of records appears in is from created first to created last. At this time, there are not any ways to reorder the way the list is rendered.

Ahhh, that’s tough. Can we please have the HTML grid order as per the View that it’s pulling the data from? There’s no way that I can easily delete and recreate the columns just for the sake of the output order - Would be good if we can get a fix for this asap.

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Excited about the digest, but also having issues – two big ones for my use.

Issue #1) It is frustrating that even when the records are sorted by date, they show up out of order in the grid

Issue #2) The time zone is set from my google calendar sync and shows up correctly in my base, and then converts to UTC in the digest.

Start End
7/3/2021 11:00pm UTC 7/4/2021 2:00am UTC
6/19/2021 11:00pm UTC 6/20/2021 2:00am UTC
6/26/2021 11:00pm UTC 6/27/2021 2:00am UTC
7/2/2021 11:00pm UTC 7/3/2021 2:00am UTC
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Hi! I keep trying to set up a daily digest including the start time of an event. However, it keeps changing and sending the time of the event as UTC. I have NOT opted to “Use the same time zone (GMT) for all collaborators” when I created the “Date” field on my base.

What can I do?

@Jessica_Pena @Chantal_Encalada The UTC issue that you both mention definitely feels like something that could be improved in Airtable. While Airtable staffers might see your comments here, I suggest writing to Airtable support directly with your feedback.

In the meantime, you could create formula fields to force-format your date fields based on your local timezone, and include those formula fields in your digests instead of the actual date fields. (Internally, all dates are stored relative to UTC/GMT. The switch in the date field options only controls how dates are displayed to the user, not how the data is stored.)

@Jessica_Pena The Find records action was recently updated to support collection of records from a specific view in a table. My gut says that this option should retain the record order within that view—including sorting—whereas the condition option will likely use a different order. I haven’t tested this theory, but I wanted to throw the idea out there in case you haven’t tried it yet.

At the time of this post, the find records action based on a view does not retain the view sort order.


Thanks @Justin_Barrett, I’ll file away the info re: force format for date fields. Unfortunately until the records can show up in the order they are presented within the view, it renders the digest kind of useless for our business :frowning:

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I have a table with around 150 proyects, this proyects belong to different managers (in total 5). Is there anyway of sending a digest to each manager only with the proyects that they are in charge of?. The only workaround I see is to make one automation for each manager, but as automation are limited I wouldnt like to spend so many in just doing the same task.

You can combine multiple “find” action steps with “email” steps.

Find 1 = manager 1 > email 1
Find 2 = manager 2 > email 2