Automation - update record from one table to another

I am trying to create an automation involving attachments. When the attachment gets uploaded into the one table (Incidents and in Incident Report/Doc… column),

it will appear in another table (Tenants and in Incidents column)

Trigger: When record matches conditions
Table: Incidents
Condition: Incident Report/Doc is not empty
Test Run: Successful

Action: Update Record
Table: Tenants
Record ID: (this is where I’m stumped). I choose Name as that is the common field between the two tables.
Field: Incidents

I have linked the fields together but it adds additional steps so I am hoping to eliminate that aspect.

Hi @Office_Manager

You should add the “Record ID” from the trigger record. So in this step, go to the “+” in the field below “Record ID” and select “Record (from Step 1: When a record …) > continue > Record ID > insert”.


I dumbed it down to maybe help other forum users as well.

Thanks @Databaser
Unfortunately, I am still getting Test Failed.

Did you “test” the trigger step? Because it’s a waterfall system. If you don’t test the trigger, you have no data to test the action.

Yes I did.

The Trigger passes. The action does not.

I got it to run successfully now but the attachment won’t update in the table it needs to update.
Trigger: When Report Received is (checked)
AND: Incident Report/Documents is not empty
Test Successful

Update Record:
Table: Tenants
Record: Name of Other Tenant LinkedRecordID
Field: Incident Report/Documents
Test Successful

But the attachment from Trigger does not appear where it should from Update Record.

I have linked my tenants up so that helps a bit as you can see below. You will also see my Trigger and that it tests fine!

However, the action is not working despite testing successfully. It only adds the Complainant’s Name to the Record under Tenants then I have to click through to access the record. I want the attachment to appear! What is wrong with the ACTION?

I see that you are not specifying which attachment it needs to add within the “action” part. Use the blue “+” to select that, just like you did for the record ID.

Does that work?

It did not work. However, after discussions with AirTable Support, it was determine to best practice to link certain items and that works. Thank you for your help.

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