Best way to pull chart from a multiple select tool?

Hello everyone, I have an airtable with a list of customers who are signed up to use a beta version of one of our software products. I have two multi-select columns, one that says “Must have features” and another that says “Important features” - many of them have multiple reasons. Each customer has a status (ex. live customer, demoed, etc) and a vertical (ex. home services, retail, etc). I want to be able to create a CHART to say - okay out of our retail customers, 10 want X feature, 5 want X feature, etc.

However, customers that have more than one must have or important feature are being lumped into their own category. Unfortunately, airtable does not make it easy for me to use filters and see a count of the multi-select options.

Also, this chart is extremely limited. When I try to export the data, all of the multiple select options are being lumped into one column.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can better separate out this data?

Hi Paris, and welcome to the community!

The chart block is a friendly cul-de-sac; it is not a thru-street, rather a dead-end. I suggest you have a look at the Vega-Lite beta.

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