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Hey Everyone:

I am trying to set up a Send Summary button for my team so after a meeting it sends out the notes. I am trying to use the Open URL Action but the button stays greyed down and not active even though the button saves properly.

URL Formula is this -

“mailto:” & ENCODE_URL_COMPONENT({Attendees}) & “?subject=” & ENCODE_URL_COMPONENT(Meeting) & “&body=” & ENCODE_URL_COMPONENT({Meeting Summary})

My guess is that something in one of your fields is causing the URL to be invalid. Take that same formula and put it into a regular formula field, and see how it looks. Post a screenshot of that field’s contents (if it’s not sensitive data) and we might be able to help troubleshoot the problem.

100% that was it. I had a look up and as soon as I changed it made the difference. Now I am having an issue because the body is a formula field that combines notes & action items, but ti doesn’t come through correctly I get %s and stuff.

Returns are not being adhered to or anything.

“mailto:” & ENCODE_URL_COMPONENT({Attendees}) & “?subject=” & ENCODE_URL_COMPONENT(Meeting) & “&body=” & ENCODE_URL_COMPONENT(“Here are the Meeting Notes and Action Items from the meeting.” & “\n” & “\n” & “Meeting Notes” & “\n” & {Meeting Notes} & “\n” & “\n” & “Action Items” & “\n” & {Action items})

Glad to hear that you got it partly working!

What email client is opening when using one of these URLs? It might be an issue with the client, not necessarily the data you’re feeding it. I ran a quick test on my end, with the URL opening Gmail by default, and it recognized the newlines without any issues.

On a side note, you don’t need to put each newline ("\n") into its own string separate from other items. You can compact that formula into this:

"mailto:" & ENCODE_URL_COMPONENT({Attendees}) & "?subject=" & ENCODE_URL_COMPONENT(Meeting) & "&body=" & ENCODE_URL_COMPONENT("Here are the Meeting Notes and Action Items from the meeting.\n\nMeeting Notes\n" & {Meeting Notes} & "\n\nAction Items\n" & {Action items})

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