Can forms more than one field of a related table?


Hi all,

I’m exploring using Airtable to look after inventory requests at work. Is it possible to create a form where people request one or more items, as well as the quantity of each of those items?

I could do it if each request was a separate submission of the form but that could get confusing for users. They need to be able to see what they’ve already requested.

Possible? Not possible?




The only thing I can think of to accommodate this is to have the column named for the inventory item, and then the field entry be the quantity (formatted as number) that they’re wanting. Instead of having a dropdown item of the inventory items that you’d have to repeat over and over for multiple requests, you’d have a column dedicated to each item. Below are some examples, what do you think of this?


Thanks for your reply. I think that that is a pretty decent answer! If I was working with about 5-10 items then I’d definitely do this. However with about 100 different things to track this form will get pretty unwieldy.

I’m loving Airtable for other things but I think perhaps this sort of request is a bit out of its zone at the moment.