Can I create a team and add collaborators to it so that I can set up an automation to email the entire team?

I have smaller teams within a larger department and would like to notify the whole team when an update to an entry is made. I have been tagging each collaborator in the comments but am wondering if I make a collaborator table and then attach all of those people to a team if I can then notify the entire team somehow? Any solutions would be greatly appreciated!

Hi @Frankie_Mondo and welcome to the community!

Do you want to notify them in Airtable itself (on record level) or via email?

Either is fine if I can notify multiple people at once without having to tag everyone - so based on a team name ex: North team, South team, East team, West team

Have you thought of creating mailing groups (eg "northteam@…com) and using those addresses in an automation?

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