Can Scripting "match" one record with another based on specific fields?

I’m new to the scripting block and can’t figure out if it is capable of doing what I’m looking for.

We have a table in our base that pulls in client responses from an intake form and adds them to the client’s already existing record. The intake form has a set of questions that are multiple-choice (multiple select) or single-choice (single select). Right now, we use these fields to match our clients with a coach based on their responses in those fields. The coaches’ records are in another table within the same base, with identical multiple and single select fields. We manually filter the table with the coach’s records based on the responses from an individual client’s form to find possible matches for them. So for example, if the client responds in the intake form that they like a direct communication style, I am filtering the coach’s table for coaches who are “tagged” as having a direct communication style. We filter based on 7 fields, or criteria, to narrow it down.

Can scripting do this automatically for us? It’s done client record by client record, since each client has a different mix of responses so I’m unsure if scripting will work. It would be great if we could pull the client’s responses, run the script and it would spit out 3-4 possible coach matches for them without us having to manually filter. Is this possible, or is this a pipe dream?

Hi Courtney, and welcome to the community!

Not a pipe-dream; entirely within the realm of script blocks.

The script would open the table and read all the records, then loop through those records performing the comparisons field-by-field.

There are plenty of example scripts in the Script Block that could get you started.

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Yes it is !
And without looking smarter than our Wise Man and our Master-Expert @Bill.French, I also like these links very much:

that is a rich content blog’s frontdoor by @JonathanBowen
about a lot of Script-Block Use-cases !

@VictoriaPlummer link:

without forgetting
the BuiltOnAir library:

Enjoy !



Thank you! I will start with the resources you shared. Thanks for sending me down the right path!

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