Can you undo dedupe merges?

It appears that I’ve merged some records accidentally and lost data.

Is there a way to undo this?

I’m looking at the record history and don’t see the old information, unfortunately. In this screenshot, this record should have more than one hour of history.

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Did you try ‘restore from snapshot’ function? You can restore base copy at some point in time before merge and get data from it.

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Trying that now with a recent snapshot, but it’s going to undo a lot of stuff, too. Was hoping to just find the info in the merged records.

If my restore works, do you have a suggestion for what to do next?

If the good records are in the restore, what’s the best next step to get them into my existing base? I don’t want to overwrite the whole thing (which I’m not sure is ideal (Restoring a snapshot overwriting the current base? - #7 by ScottWorld)) but I also don’t want to start using the new one, since we have a BUNCH of collaborators and share links on the current one.


I don’t think you have a reason to restore with overwrite. I would just copy-paste good records from restore to ‘active table’ and then use some filter to remove redundant.
Possible options before copy-paste:

  • create temporary text field in ‘source’ and ‘destination’ table, to prevent mixing records after copy-paste and filter
  • create temporary duplicate of active table in active base, so you can revert if something goes wrong
    You may also use ‘modified time’ or ‘creation time’ fields to filter.
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