Control the order of multiple records linked within a single record


I searched but did not find anything mentioning this particularly (if I missed it, apologies!).

I love the ability to open a linked record from a different table, but finding the one you want when there are many choices is an annoyance.

Example: a basic address book Table of companies with a companion Table of contacts. Each contact name field has been linked to a ‘contacts’ field in a specific company record. When the company table is viewed, the contacts listed in that field show in the order in which they were linked to each company record. Adding & linking a contact for new Joe Salesdude, bumps the person you talk to the most, Alice Viceprez, from the top of the list.

Currently the only way (I have found) to control which contact record is foremost for any given company record with multiple contacts is to: open the contact desired to show first; unlink it; re-link it

I realize this is likely due to the same issue holding up the requests for persistent sorting I saw mentioned while looking for an existing request on this, but wanted to add it to the pot.

Thank you!


You can order them by drag & drop on the expanded field view. I also would like more control to this type of field.

Sort associations

Oh THANK you! I had not stumbled across that (obviously!)