Count # of Times Current Date Appears in Lookup

Hey Everyone:

I have a table that links items to form submissions.

I already have a link to see each item and all the form submissions that include that item.

I also have a lookup that looks up the dates of the form submissions in the link to forms.

I want to take that lookup and run a formula to count all the form submissions from today’s date.

Any ideas?


I solved this by creating an IF-formula in the table you’re looking up from, saying IF(DateField=TODAY(),1).

Then, rather than using a lookup-field I’d use a rollup-field (rolling up on the DateField) with a COUNTA(values)-formula and setting conditions to only include records where the new ‘If Today’-field = 1.

Edit: Realizing you can make this even easier by skipping the ‘If Today’-field and then just setting the conditions in the rollup-field to Where ‘DateField’ is ‘today’.


Thanks you for the help

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