Creating Invoice on Quickbooks through Integromat

Hi, I’m trying to automate creating an invoice on Quickbooks Online by a button press on Airtable through Integromat. While I’m successful in creating an invoice, the invoice is created for a Customer in Quickbooks. However, I want the invoice to be created for a Project of a Customer in Quickbooks, which is what I’m struggling with.

Here’s the workflow:
Have a Projects table and an Items table in Airtable. Create Invoice button exists in Projects table. On button click an invoice is created for all the items from Items table associated with the respective Project.

In Quickbooks: Customer exists. Multiple Projects exist under Customer.

Problem: Unable to map the invoice created to a Project in Quickbooks

Any ideas, tips or solutions on how to achieve this?

Used ‘Display Name’ of project from Quickbooks to get the Project in Integromat, and filtered using the Parent_Ref value to get the required Project ID. Then used this Project ID as Customer ID to create invoice mapped to the project

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