Creating list of field names based on criteria

Hello - I’m not sure exactly how to ask this, but I’ll try. I have a number of fields, and some may have a value >0. I want to create a new field that lists the field name of those that are greater than zero. My fields are features for a product, and the field is filled with the value of that feature. So:
Feature 1 = 7
Feature 2 = blank since the feature is not available
Feature 3 = 4

I want to create a field that lists the feature and values, so I would get
Feature 7: 7
Feature 3: 4

I’m not sure I’m going about the creation the right way, but this is part of a pretty complex database that tracks lots of data on 170 products. The ultimate goal is to use the Page Designer block to show only those features available for the product, and their corresponding values. Confused? Me too… Not confused? Then maybe you can help!

Thanks in advance.

One way to go is to create a formula field.

IF({Feature 1}, "Feature 1: " & {Feature 1} & "\n") &
IF({Feature 2}, "Feature 2: " & {Feature 2}  & "\n") &
IF({Feature 3}, "Feature 3: " & {Feature 3}  & "\n")

However, if you have a lot of blank values, you might want to consider restructuring your base to put the features in a new table with linked records.

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