CSS selector to capture selected text

How can I capture selected text using CSS selectors. The use case is that I want to capture some interesting lines/quotes from articles that I am reading.

I tried using the ::selection however it does not seem to work.

I am selecting the text manually myself so, it’s not that difficult to make a copy and do a paste after opening the extension. But having the selection populate automatically would be cool.

Hey! You can usually

just grab the class of the text.

It’s not always that simple - But a lot of the time it is

Thanks for your response.

Doesn’t the class solution only work for a specific use case? I was looking for a generic solution. I want to highlight any text on any website and be able to capture the highlighted text.

Oh! In that case, that’s just a configuration option you can add to the clipper

Here’s a screenshot which will hopefully explain that a bit betterCleanShot 2020-05-04 at 22.31.30


Oops, how did I miss that. Thanks a lot for helping me out!



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