Currency notation issue: when using Automation to send messages from Airtable to Slack

I am using Automation to send messages from Airtable to Slack.

However, for example, in Airtable, the value of “$10,000” in the Currency field is simply displayed as “10000” in the slack message (with no $ sign, no 1000 separator). What should I do?

Unfortunately, Airtable’s API always treats its currency fields like that, so you would need to somehow reformat your currency field as a text string that looks like currency.

One quick fix (although incomplete) would be to just type the $ sign before the field within your automation, which would show you the dollar sign — but that still wouldn’t show you the comma or decimal point.

A complete fix would be to create a formula field that returns the currency string you’re looking for as text. I believe that @kuovonne’s app “Ready-Made Formulas” should be able to help you create that formula:

Another complete fix would be to use an external automation tool like Zapier or, which would allow you to apply currency formatting to your number before sending the message to Slack.

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