Dark/Night Mode


I’ve been using Airtable for a couple of weeks now and absolutely love the app. However, using it at night is blinding with all the white, so it would be great to have a Dark/Night mode similar to the dark Twitter theme or similar. Any plans for this on the road map?


What a great idea! If we had the option to vote, I’d definitely vote for this one as I have the exact same struggle when it’s dark.


Would love this feature.


You only get this feature if you are a programmer since only programmers will program features that programmers demand. Every text editor for programmers has a night mode because programmers by nature work always at night. Everyone else only works during the day and so night mode is unnecessary.


Actually, Night Mode would be an awesome feature.


This is much needed. More and more programmers are using airtable and later at night or while on a flight the only app that is extremely bright is airtable.


Have you tried changing your computer’s screen settings to a night mode or its equivalent?!


Night mode would be so awesome :heart_eyes::crescent_moon:! Hopefully this feature request gets some attention and makes its way onto the roadmap!


This feature would be awesome! Any plans to implement?


Agreed. Dark mode would be amazing. Dark mode is one of those things that people 10 years from now are going to look back on and think why the hell did we ever use those blinding white UIs all the time.


Dark Theme should be basic function of EVERY software.
Please add.