Detailed mobile notifications & reminders


Hi. I am new to Airtable, and am just starting to set my team up on it. So far, the biggest issue I have is this: my team mainly works away from computers. We are not constantly looking at our bases. While using Airtable as a mobile task/project management tool, it is impossible to know 1)if someone has completed a task, 2) if a task is overdue, 3)if a task’s status has been updated. It would be immensely helpful if someone who is “watching” a task could opt to be notified for any of these changes. Additionally, I think Airtable would benefit from creating more robust push notifications when someone is added as a collaborator or is mentioned in a row. For example: “You have been added as a collaborator in ‘To Do’ - Create invoice for new order - Due 07/07/17.” This notification can actually have an option to “Set a reminder.” That way the person responsible for the task can actually remember to do it (assuming that he or she can’t get to it right that very moment). These features would make Airtable infinitely more useful for me and I’m sure for many other users as well.


Check out Slack. It has. Nice Airtable interface and the functions you could use.


+1000 for better notifications and reminders.

is it going to come @Airtable_Team @Airtable_Support ???


Any updates re: setting reminders… this would be a valuable feature. @Airtable_Support