Encoding Issue...How To Fix?

Hi Airtable!

I have some TV show names that have encoding issues that are causing errors in my Integromat scenario.

I tried all different variations, but it’s not working.

It is these names:
9-1-1: Lone Star

I tried removing the hyphens, colon and spaces between the numbers, but it did not work.

I removed the periods, with spaces and without spaces, but that did not work either.

Law & Order: Organized Crime
I tried taking out the &, colon and extra space between the colon and the word Organized, but that did not work.

Any suggestions?

Google sheets is not playing nice with these titles.

Is there a website that I could use to change or find the cause of the error, so that I can use the title, without errors in my scenario?

Here’s the error:

I don’t think it’s the titles.

You are giving Integromat a range that is 26 by 1 million cells - ergo, a matrix with 26 million cells in a sheet that supports a max of 5 million cells.

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