Expand records in a shared view link

I created a view and shared it; however, when they attempt to click on what I know to be a linked table, they are unable to do so. For instance, they can see the contact person’s name but can’t click on it to reveal the details it contains from the Contact table.

What are my options to allowing this person read-only access to this main table while also being able to click on any linked tables?

You could share the other table’s view with them as another shared view, and give them 2 separate links — one for each view.

Alternatively, you could add them as a read-only collaborator to your base, but there are many security risks associated with that — all collaborators (including read-only collaborators) can invite other collaborators, can export all the records of your database to a CSV file, can duplicate your entire base, can see all of your API keys within blocks, and can view all of your data in all tables. In essence, they have full access to your entire system.

Otherwise, Stacker is a great way to get the best of both worlds, without any of the security risks.

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Thank for the reply. That does solve the problem for this particular person. Appreciate the time.

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