Extract specific array content

I have a table for physical addresses and a formula field to convert linked records to an array. Below is an example of the array.

“Main Residence: 123 Main, New York, NY 10001”, “Office: 789 Left Ave, 3b, New York, NY 10001”, “Vacation: 456 Right St, New York, NY 10001”

How can I extract or leave only the address for the office? If there is an office, show the address and if not, leave the field blank.

If you’re dealing with linked record arrays, your better bet is to use Rollup fields. Rollups can pre-filter items in the returned array so you can say “only list items where Type = Office”. For the aggregation formula you’d likely want either ARRAYUNIQUE() or ARRAYJOIN() or ARRAYCOMPACT(), or a combination of any of those.

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Just to clarify one other point, formulas cannot create arrays. The functions that @Kamille_Parks listed can be used to process arrays, but Airtable does not currently provide any means to make arrays manually.

If Kamille’s rollup field suggestion doesn’t solve your problem, please share more specific details about your base setup and the formula that you’re using to create the output that you listed.


Thank you both for your input. I struggled with trying to explain this so I created a new base and built an example to share. While doing this, I found where I was stumbling. Long story short, I did not have all the ingredients that I needed.

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