Feature Request: Signature Field


Please add a signature field. Seriously… I could get rid of two different apps & move all my databases to Airtable if you could add a signature field.


You can’t use a JPG or other graphic of the signature?


I’m referring to allowing someone to sign using their finger or an Apple pencil.


I second this. Would allow us to move away from a few other programs for our client workorders.


The ability to capture a signature on a form is a required feature for delivery of services in many organizations. One of the many problems with taking photo, say on iOS, of a written signature is that the jpg of the signature is then kicking around for other misuses, and the signature is arguably, not signing anything.

I also notice that if I make an attachment field and open a form with a share link on iOS, I have access to web based resources like Google photos, but no access the photos local to the device.

I suggest creating a share link of some sort that can be used in the iOS and android AirTable app that would enable a native implementation of a form. This would better access to the standard data pickers for the respective OS and enable the expected access to things link, documents, photos, location, and the ability to securely capture a signature in the context of the visible data to which it is related.

I notice that the ability to use forms on iOS is currently not enabled. I hope this means that something like or better than the suggestions made above is in the works : )

Thank you

Any thoughts or suggestions are most welcome.


Can someone how you’re currently working around this?



Good idea. A Sketch field would be great


This would be great for project sign off please add!