Field type Request: Checkbox List

This is a big one but I’d love to see a checkbox list field.

I can then ditch Trello!


it’s not the same, but the multiple select field should work temporarily

This already exists

Cool, can you show me a list of check boxes in a cell? It’s not working for


I’d also like to see this. It would be really helpful to be able to create a task-lisk within a field rather then over multiple or having to create a separate base for it.


I want to bump this feature request! This is pretty much my only remaining wishlist item/holdover from Trello. I’m envisioning a single cell that has checkboxes in a list format when expanded and when flattened it would show a count of the number of items checked, similar to the way Trello does it (e.g., 1/3, 0/5, 4/4, etc.)

I have multiple similar tasks that all have the same set of subtasks. Right now I’m using a long text field that contains a list of subtasks and I’m manually x’ing out each item when it is complete, then using the single checkbox field to mark the task completely done when all items have been x’d out. As you can imagine, this is a bit inefficient! I know ideally each subtask would be it’s own record but that’s not really conducive for these particular tasks.

  • [x] Create new folder for subject.

  • [ ] COPY all docs from previous subject into new folder for reference.

  • [ ] Collect all resources from web, etc.


I also need this functionality. I am using Airtable as a personal task manager, and I need a way to show subtasks on my larger items. I am trying to use linked records right now, but there’s no way to view the completion status at a glance.

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What about adding a ‘Project’ or similar Column for your ‘larger items’ with subtasks, then grouping your table by Project/Larger Item? If you have a linked table with Projects already you could group them by your linked table column.

This would place all subtasks below their respective Project/Larger Item, and each subtask could have a checkbox as well. You could further group these by ‘checked’ or ‘unchecked.’

Using the Airtable ‘Simple Project Tracker’ as a example (below), go to the Tasks table and select ‘Group’ to group all tasks by Project to see what I mean:

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I echo this request - only remaining reason to use Trello, but it’s a huge one. The link to other fields works but it’s not elegant, and since task-tracking is maybe the single most common need/action this needs to be dead simple to be a good solution.

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On the surface, this sounds a great idea - and for a very simple use-case it would be very useful. However, there are some problems with this approach to solving this problem (apart from it not adhering to the principles of database design):

  • Lets take a scenario where the checklist initially includes 3 items and has been used for a while so that many of the records have their lists completed. We now need to add a 4th item to the checklist - what would happen here is that the checklists of all previously completed records would now have outstanding items.

  • Over time, database applications tend to get more complex as needs increase and more people use them. So, whilst a simple checklist field would be great for a single user base what about when it expands? You are likely to need to be able to assign checklist tasks to other users (Collaborators) and may want to know the date it was due and completed, maybe some notes etc.

What I’m saying is that for many reasons, the @AlexWolfe suggestion above is the right way to go on this type of problem.

However, there is an issue when it comes to predefined checklists in particular in that you really need them to be automatically generated when required (for example on the creation of a new record in a table / view). It isn’t possible to do this automatically with Airtable alone - but it IS possible with Zapier / Airtable and I will be publishing an article about this later and will put a link here when it’s done.

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OK - so I’ve now completed the blog post about how to create checklists using Zapier. If you’d like to take a look here’s the link:

Creating Checklists with Airtable and Zapier

and here’s the base:

I hope you find it useful!

A checklist would be very useful, and quite easy to create, if Airtable incorporated a feature like the Nested Table I’ve described here: New Field Type: Nested Table

In this case, you’d just created a new field (let’s call it “Checklist”) and set the field type to the newly added “Nested Table”. Then you identify whatever columns you want in your table (at very least, you’d need a column for the check box, a column for the description; but you might also want columns for due date, priority, etc). Now, you can add rows for as many checklist items as you need.


See this for a more general solution Generalize multi-valued types

Just to jump in here - I see that an attempt to group checkboxes via a Lookup column (against multiple records) results in a single checkbox, whose value appears to be “checked” if any of the linked columns’ checkboxes are checked, and clear otherwise. I’m finding this useful, but undocumented, and could see the use for “and” (all linked checkboxes checked) as well as “or” (one or more linked checkboxes checked). Though: “and” would need well-defined behaviour for an empty linked set.

(What I’m using this for is a view filter in Calendar mode: show items where linked columns are checked. If it were a checkbox list, then I can see the argument for having a view filter for all boxes checked, and for any boxes checked - and the inverses.)

+1 A subtask checklist is very important and pretty standard in task management systems, which is a pretty common use case for Airtable. You should be able to easily add a checklist to a record. It should be a first-class feature rather than a workaround.


+1 on ditching Trello once this is implemented!

+1 please! The only reason we haven’t completed ditched Trello is because Airtable doesn’t have this subtask checklist feature. You will destroy the competition as soon as you build this! :slight_smile:


+1 to this. We’d like to use Forms using multiselect responses containing a large amount of text. The multiselect field type won’t display the full response text. Multiple check boxes would resolve this.

Great idea. A lightweight alternative to a linked detail table, and easier to copy/reuse.
One implementation suggestion: if this was done as a rich text field (say, an extension to a multiple lines of text field) and I could include checkboxes in a table, that would be a really flexible solution. Then I could use Airtable to manage test cases (Step Number, Expected Value, Actual Value, Done Checkbox columns), employee on-boarding (Step, Notes, Done Checkbox columns), etc.