Filter one field from another field

I’m looking for a formula that knows how to filter one field from another field and find what’s left.
Would appreciate help

In what way does the field need to filter? You may be able to use SUBSTITUTE() or REGEX to remove certain strings.

Thanks, but I have already tried with this formula, without success.
Because I want to filter fields that I have in the table, and not certain words.


I don’t quite understand what you’d like to accomplish. Is it “Field A contains some or all of the text from Field B, return all the text that’s not in Field B?” What types of fields are these?

I have now corrected the formula

SUBSTITUTE ({more details}, {more details}, {details received})

Because I want to download from the “More Details” list the “Details Received”.

But it still does not work.

From the list of additional details:
“Area of ​​residence, type of treatment, gender, field of treatment, language”

I am interested in downloading the “details received” - area of ​​residence, gender, language

To get the missing details.

And the formula does not work for me.

I get in this formula the list of “details received” - area of ​​residence, gender, language
(And not the missing details)

The example text from your post doesn’t match the options I see in your screenshot so I just sorta guessed what you want.

If you use a formula like the one below, it will remove any option selected in the {Details received} field from the list in the {More details} field.

  {More details}, 
  SUBSTITUTE({Details received}, ", ", "|"), 

^ that’s going to end up with some extra commas but confirm that it does what you’re looking for.

The reason I’m replacing commas with pipes is because in regex a pipe means “or”, so this method lets you replace multiple items with the same thing (in this case, that thing is “empty space”).

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Amazing, it works.
Thank you very much

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