Filtered link between 2 galleries

Hi there, I would like to be able to post a link between records, in 2 different tables, that goes from

A(Record X) -> B(Record Y,Record Z …)
B(Record Y,Record Z …) -> A(Record X)

To ease navigation, haven’t been able to figure out how to do it, Is there any query parameters I can use to filter the gallery? Both galleries have public sharing

Thanks in advance

Welcome to the community, @Darwin_Nomad! :smiley: I’m not sure that I understand what you’re trying to do. When you say “post a link between records,” are you talking about creating the link? I’m guessing that A and B are your tables, and you want to link Record X in [Table A] to Record Y and Record Z in [Table B], while also doing the reverse from B back to A. Is that correct?

This reciprocal link behavior is automatic in Airtable. Make a link field in [Table A] that lets you link to [Table B]. Go to Record X, then create a new link to Record Y and Record Z in [Table B]. That’s it. If you look in [Table B], you’ll see the a new link field that Airtable made for you, and you’ll find reciprocal links on Record Y and Record Z that both point back to Record X in [Table A].

Does that answer your question? If not, could you please provide more specific details on what you’re trying to achieve? If you can attach screenshots, that would be extremely helpful.

Also, @Darwin_Nomad: If you can’t see the “reciprocal link” field in Table B, you will find it underneath the “Hide Fields” button.

Hi there I have 2 views
A(Proyecto Audiovisual):

B(Vacantes de proyectos audiovisuales):

A can have N number of records, and while the “automatic reciprocal link behavior” works while I am in the Airtable dashboard, I would like for that to also work in the shared public links above.

If I am in B, I would like to open the record in A in order to show it (in this case the linked record is “Proyecto audiovisual vinculado con la vacante”), and if I am in A, I would like to create a prefiltered gallery showing only records with a certain “Proyecto audiovisual vinculado con la vacante”.
Video of current behavior:

Thanks for the clarification. The video was what really cleared up your end goal for me, but unfortunately that kind of access isn’t allowed in shared read-only views. The only data accessible in a shared view is the data directly in that view. The best you could do is add a series of lookup fields to pull in the data you want from the linked record into the shared gallery view. You’re already doing that with the {Nombre (from proyectos)} field in that gallery view, so just add more to pull the other info you want from the linked record.

Another option would be to attach a PDF document to the linked record in B, with the document containing all the details from the record (this could be created via some automation between Airtable and Integromat). That attachment field can be looked up in A, and the document would be available in the shared read-only view, giving the user all the necessary information without providing direct access to the record.

Users can click the “Filter” link at the top of the shared view to filter records based on any field. If you want to make a pre-filtered version, make a new view with the filter in place, then share that new view.

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