Filters in Kanban Views = Lost Records


We need filters to limit our kanban views to specific projects, but I can’t find a way to do it without having cards disappear if the filter fields are not filled out… This is the kind of thing that really turns people off of Airtable.

We use groups in our grid views on the filter fields to make sure that they get filled in when new records are created, I’m wondering if there’s a similar trick in the kanban view?

What if instead of just “contains” as a text criteria, we had “equals” with a special option to make it the default for new records?


You could create a new field with a default value and define your filter to show [all your usual settings] OR [default field = default value]. That, of course, would require you to clear said value if you did want the record to be hidden – but, then, using groups to do something similar would carry the same requirement.


You could also use an “Or —> is blank” condition following the first.


W and Jeremy,
Thanks so much! That’s a huge help!!! :slightly_smiling_face: