First multiple airtable sessions, then Multiple Organisations from one Airtable

Hi there, total newbie here…

So I am working on airtable via a different org as a collaborator and I really like it so I want to install it for my own company, this company has many subdivisions providing same service but from different domains.

So I have 2 questions.

  1. I want to be able to continue to work on my original collab org and my oiwn company airtable at the same time. The data is not related so those airtables do not need to be connected in any way, I just want to be able to log in in both organisations but with different logins at the same time from the same browser. Is this possible?

  2. As our company has different divisions, we organise our contacts with a field that defines the division by domain. Now if we want to notify a contact in our airtable is there a way to link this to the domain of the division so it looks like the person generating the notification for a division A send this from a division A email whilst B contact sees this as a division B email?

Thanks in advance

Hi @Tom_Reiss, for #1 you can open another incognito tab in Chrome to login with your second account. Not sure about #2.

Thanks, so it works with private browsing. Cool thanks.

yes #2 is a biggy for us

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