Formula Fields - Change a field when another field changes


I have two fields that I want to update when one of them updates.

The fields are “EN Course” and “DE Course”. When “EN Course” moves to the status of Live (drop-down select) I want DE Course to update to “Evaluate For Translation”.

What is the best formula to do that?

Thank you!

Hi @Courtney_Sembler - is the DE Course value always dependent upon the EN Course value? If so, then you can use a SWITCH() function to drive the DE Course Value:


{EN Course}, 
'Live', 'Evaluate For Translation', 
'In Development', 'Some other value here'


Thank you - the DE Course isn’t always dependent on EN but would be sometimes. But when the EN Course Fields switches or updates to LIVE I want the DE field to change to “Evaluate for Translation”

OK, that’s a bit more tricky then as the DE field can’t be free text, for example, and a formula at the same time.

What I tend to do in these situations is have a DE “override” field (text, for e.g.), then have the DE proper field be something like the formula above except when the override field is populated, in which case take that value instead. Not sure if this will work in your case, but if it sounds like it might let me know and I can show you the formula

Or potentially, the logic could be:

Show the override value unless the EN field is “live” in which case do the formula. Same idea and still requires the override field.

Thank you for the response!