Grid view Scrolling Issue

When I scroll down on a table in the Grid view when I have more records than fit on the screen everything scrolls back up to the top.

See the video below.

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Hi @Jared_Wright

It seems that this is a common occurrence with lap tops. It has to do with the keyboard.

Unless, of course it has to do with something else.

If you’re interested I found a link to a YouTube video that shows how to test your keyboard.

Hope this might help.

Mary Kay

Thank you so much for your help and the video. How ever after going to the keyboard tester site it seems that my problem is not the same as the one shown in the video. Also my problem is unique to Airtable. Even other spreadsheets don’t give me the same issue.

I would love any more help that you can provide.

Hi @Jared_Wright

Perhaps this issue might be best brought to the attention of Airtable. They might be able to take a closer look at this issue. I think that they might want to know about this issue, too.

Unless, someone else might have any suggestions.

You can contact them at

Hope this might help you to find some answers.

Mary Kay

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Thank you,

Mary Kay

@M_k I emailed support I hope I will hear from them soon thank you for your help though.

@Jared_Wright Did you ever receive help from support for this issue? I am experiencing the same trouble with scrolling in grid view that snaps back to the top of the grid. I would appreciate any help you would be willing to pass on. Thanks!

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I have not received any help with this issue.

See Video Below

Watch Video.png

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I am having the same issue. I have to use the arrows on my keyboard to scroll to avoid the issue. Hope to see a fix soon.

Dell Laptop, Windows 10, Chrome Browser, Logitech MX Master 3 Mouse.

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I have the same issue too…

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Same issue on my work computer, which is a ThinkPad running Windows. Never happens on my personal Mac. I access the same Airtable bases on both of these computers. Wondering when this will be resolved (still happening as of now in September 2020, which is how I came across this thread).