HIPAA compliance


We would also require this feature to use Airtable for data that may contain PHI.


Big time need for this!! I would certainly join if there was HIPAA compliance. Let’s hope they just surprise us with it tomorrow.

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Need we say more? Airtable is an incredible platform, it would be a shame to lose potential clients over this. An update regarding this popular request would be great.


I’m looking at Airtable as a tool for basic ticketing system for our organization, but it is a health center. I cannot prevent users from accidentally entering HIPAA, PII, and Ferpa data. We can’t consider Airtable until that concern is addressed :frowning:

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This is the biggest reason why I can’t use AirTable professionally. I need HIPAA compliance.


+1! Please make Airtable HIPAA compliant!


Would love this too! I work in government and I love Airtable but we can’t use it for certain things.


Another vote to support HIPAA covered entities. I would assume you are likely PCI compliant since you are processing credit card data so checking the boxes to be “HIPAA compliant” should be a no brainer. If the platform runs on AWS or Azure it is also very likely you’ve checked most of the boxes required. Signing a Business Associate Agreement would also be a process you could manage right through Airtable!


adding another vote for HIPAA compliance


Your business would totally take off if you are HIPAA compliant. I am waiting for that day. PLEASE look into this.


Another vote for HIPAA compliance


Yes, please…another vote for HIPAA compliance. Needed for client tracking in mental health field.


YES! Great app, and I would like HIPPA compliance with it. I am also in mental health, and making tables would be helpful with client information.

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Yes, Please!!! HIPPA compliance would allow my organization to build a healthcare provider peer review database for quality tracking and improvement within our department.

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And would definitely pay for it!


+1 for HIPAA Compliance. For now, great feature set, but as a developer can’t go this way until HEPAA is in place


Let me know if you find that solution… I need this for Prior Authorization tracking within our busy Rheumatology Practice.


I would love to use Airtable as well if it was HIPAA compliant. I work for a digital health company, and we want to be able to track customer feedback in Airtable and tie it back to the data we have about their membership with us.


Use would explode if HIPAA compliant. Strong vote for adding this component.


Yes! As an owner of a private practice, I am constantly looking for ways to manage my data. Currently, we are using GSuite, but Airtable is just so much more flexible, intuitive and pretty!. I’m all in if Airtable can sign a BAA.

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