HIPAA compliance


+1 this feature is a must. We won’t upgrade unless this happens.


We would also require this feature to use Airtable for data that may contain PHI.


Big time need for this!! I would certainly join if there was HIPAA compliance. Let’s hope they just surprise us with it tomorrow.


Need we say more? Airtable is an incredible platform, it would be a shame to lose potential clients over this. An update regarding this popular request would be great.


I’m looking at Airtable as a tool for basic ticketing system for our organization, but it is a health center. I cannot prevent users from accidentally entering HIPAA, PII, and Ferpa data. We can’t consider Airtable until that concern is addressed :frowning:


This is the biggest reason why I can’t use AirTable professionally. I need HIPAA compliance.


+1! Please make Airtable HIPAA compliant!