How do I add a "multiple select" option to a group of records? (Pictures linked because this title is confusing)

As you can see from the image, I want to add a drop down option to multiple records. Is that possible? If not I need to manually select for a lot of records…

Hi @Vicky_Huang and welcome to the community!

It is not possible to get a dropdown within a linked record field. In my experience, if you know what to link by heart, starting to type and then “enter” is probably the quickest way.


You could also enter the single select option for the first record, and with that field selected either:

  • Grab the dot at the bottom right corner and drag it down to auto-fill any other cells below it


  • CMD/CTRL + C to copy the value, then select all the other cells you want to fill and CMD/CTRL + V to paste that same value into all the other cells at once

Thank you so much! You just saved me hours of work :smiley:

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