How do I retrieve records from a view rather than all the records from a table?

I am using GET to retrieve data from a table in a base. Rather than getting all the records, I would like to get the records filtered by a view. My query looks something like this:

What would the query look like to get a view?

Looks like I need the “metadata” API?

Hey Leo,

Have you tried adding a query parameter naming the view, like this?


The REST API documentation is located at the link below. As @acco mentioned, you need to use the view parameter:

I could not find what I was looking for in the API docs. @acco’s response gave me what I was looking for. Thanks!

It’s in the exact same location where you got your GET statement from, under “List Records”.

I got my GET by stepping through someone else’s Airtable.swift package. Thanks to you and @acco taking the time to explain this I’m understanding how to use the doc’s.

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